Center for Achieving Balance
for Children and Families

Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience


About Us

Treatment for Families

About Us

We help make the world a better place.

The Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families, LLC was founded by Patricia Brady and Marc A. Grimaldi to implement programs designed to support children and families coping with change and overcoming adversities, with a focus on working with families where there are parent child contact difficulties.

A collaborative team of clinicians is available to provide intensive services to referred children and families and will offer ongoing counseling support as may be necessary. Treatment plans will be designed based upon the specific needs of each family.

The Center offers a home-like setting with a kitchen, living room/playroom providing a more familiar setting
for supervised parenting time and counseling work.

Our Mission

Our Mission at the Center for Achieving Balance is to support children and families in a sensitive and compassionate manner as they strive
to repair their relationships.
Overcoming adversity, building resilience, making connections – one family at a time.

Patricia Brady 

Patricia Brady earned her Master Degree in Human Services and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 

Patricia has experience in a variety of areas, and is most passionate about working with families, couples, groups and individuals of all ages. Patricia has worked with those impacted by trauma, adoption, grief and loss, divorce and parenting plans.

In January of 2017 Patricia Brady Co-Founded the Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families. This program is designed to provide resources for children and families, where there are child parent contact challenges.

Patricia Brady was a Consultant at MGH Law and Psychiatry dating back to 2007, an Adoption Program Director for MSPCC, and she was a Mental Health Supervisor for the Family Connections Program at Children's Hospital for five years.

Marc A. Grimaldi 

Marc A. Grimaldi is a practicing lawyer in Massachusetts who provides legal services from his Medford, Massachusetts, Mystic Avenue Office location. Marc A. Grimaldi does not provide any legal services through the Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families. Further, the Attorney-Client relationship does not exist between the Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families and its clients and the Attorney-Client privilege does not apply to any communications made to Marc A. Grimaldi in his role as a Member of the Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families.

Marc A. Grimaldi received his Juris Doctorate from Massachusetts School of Law, where he served as President of his Student Bar Association and a member of Law Review. He graduated in 1997, and was duly admitted to the practice of law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Marc formerly served as a member of the Winchester Conservation Committee, has held elective office four times and was also a member of a local school committee.

Priscilla Wright 

Priscilla earned a Master of Social Work with a school licensure from Simmons College. Priscilla also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Union College. 

Priscilla has experience providing individual therapy to adolescences in a Boston Public High School. Within the Boston Public Schools, Priscilla worked with individuals with a range of needs, and when appropriate partnered with their families and school to provide more comprehensive care. Priscilla also has experience working with a community mentoring agency matching youth with responsible, caring mentors. In this capacity, Priscilla worked with elementary school children and their families to identify needs and goals for the child and supported the mentoring relationship.  

Priscilla is a licensed social work clinician providing therapy to individuals, couples, and families. She believes in developing a client-centered, supportive, therapeutic relationship. Priscilla likes to understand her client's strengths, as well as, challenges to best overcome obstacles.  /   (781)395-0828   /   84 High Street - Floor 3 (Suite A-8), Medford, MA, 02155

Disclaimer: No legal services are provided by the Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families or its personnel. The Attorney-Client Relationship does not exist between the Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families and its Clients.